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9 January 2007
iPhone at last

After watching all the interface videos I can say only this Ė wow! Itís a revolution weíve all been waiting for. While some companies make futuristic demos and plastic prototypes, others make the actual product.

The interface is amazing. Got to love the attention to details like automatic landscape mode when rotating the phone, proximity sensor (I guess first since Ericsson R520) that disables the touchscreen when you lift the phone to the ear or thread-based SMS history. Too bad itís a little big for an everyday phone. Guess Iíll have to wait for an iPhone nano.

Something interesting for the end - to the right is a concept screen of Windows Mobile 2005.

iPhone UI, being so successful, surprisingly has many undiscoverable features which unless accidentally discovered (I'm sure no one reads the user manuals), will never be known to a layman user.
e.g, Swipe to erase an email
press-&-hold to delete/move an app
double clicking lock-button to reject a call, etc.
     Sree | August 11, 2010 01:37 AM   
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